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What is Managed IT?

Managed IT services refers to a comprehensive approach to outsourcing a company's IT infrastructure management and support to an external provider. Essentially, our service involves a team of IT experts who work remotely to monitor and maintain your technology systems and infrastructure.

Our services include proactive monitoring, help desk support, cybersecurity, software updates and patch management, data backup and recovery, and network management. Our goal is to provide businesses with a cost-effective and scalable solution for managing their IT needs, without having to invest in a dedicated IT team or resources in-house.

Reliant’s Managed IT division offers different service plans tailored to the specific needs of our clients, which can range from basic monitoring and maintenance to full-service IT support. We provide Managed IT services for companies in the Fortune 500 as well as small local Pacific Northwest businesses and would love the opportunity to help you with your technology infrastructure.

Managed Services

Managing a business is stressful enough, without the added headache of worrying that your IT systems aren’t performing as they should—or worse, that a data breach is costing you time, money, and customers. Our team of experts is here to make sure you can worry less about your IT needs and spend time on what matters.

IT Relocation Services

Our clients depend on us to eliminate downtime and increase productivity. Our team of technology professionals include systems engineers, IT consultants, and technical support specialists. We can help plan the technology disconnect and reconnect months in advance to ensure a smooth transition.

Many of our clients take this time to upgrade hardware, upgrade systems, and start new. Our IT consultants can help decide which devices are best suited to scale your business. We’ll keep costs down and within budget by leveraging our list of vendors at a fraction of the cost.

We can also help train your staff on new technology. Transitions like this represent an ideal opportunity to partner with an IT consulting firm.

Cloud Storage

Today, many companies rely on public cloud storage to manage large amounts of data outside their home servers. Data losses and breaches can occur here too, and a Managed IT services firm can help you to secure your company’s cloud data and provide recovery services in the event of a loss.


Security breaches cost U.S. companies millions annually. With a savvy Managed IT firm handling securing your network, your transactions, and your data, you can spend less time worrying about (or reacting to) breaches and more time running your business.


Round-the-clock monitoring allows for detection of server and network problems before they become costly headaches – and often before you even know there’s a problem!


Finally, there’s the worst-case scenario – a catastrophic data loss. A Managed IT firm can be your greatest ally even before a major data loss occurs – by helping you create a disaster recovery plan for your business, establishing backup and recovery protocols, and employing remote hot servers that can start restoring lost data immediately to minimize any interruption.

Risk & Cybersecurity

In a digital world, your business must keep up with technology. Your small business will eventually outgrow your office manager turned IT pro. The good news is that IT can be simplified when handled by professionals who have the experience to do it efficiently and correctly. Most businesses are frequently targeted by hackers because they’re known to lack any sort of cybersecurity.

The Reliant Group IT Team Is Working Round the Clock to Make Sure Your Business Gets the Peace of Mind You Deserve

  • Monitor and patch systems
  • Set up VPN solutions for remote work
  • Craft a cybersecurity plan that meets your budgets
  • Protect servers and devices from attacks
  • Detect and prevent malware and virus attacks
  • Scheduled upgrades
  • Monitor end user access